This compound word symbolizes the leader who can look far ahead and the quick adaptation to wittily solve the given mission. The two-plus symbol(++) stands for the principle of AVITTY, which considers the superiority of design and performance important.






Environmental Problem

The world population of 7.8 billion. 129 billion masks are thrown away every month. Since Avitty can reuse the specially processed filter, it reduced the discharge of synthetic resin to less than 1% of the existing stereoscopic masks.


Mask Expenses

The cost is too expensive if you add up the expenses of disposable masks over a long period. Mask? Now, purchase only once a year! Since Avitty can be used for a long time, you can reduce the cost by 3 to 5 times or more.


Skin Stress

More and more people are having difficulties due to the trouble caused by non-woven fabric. Avitty chose the cotton material for the skin. You can also create your own fit to a certain degree. Try feeling comfort as you do with clothes.


Limits On Design

For filter masks, it is difficult to change the design. Avitty contains a high-functional filter and provides various designs and the customizing service for each person. Be in the spotlight, no matter where you are!


Refusal To Wear

Some people refuse masks due to the violation of personal freedom, patient-like appearance, or many other reasons. Avitty wants to overcome their prejudice with beautiful and sophisticated masks.

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